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Changes πŸ”—

August 19, 2015LED focused forum conceptualized
July 23, 2017Forum upgraded to v0.1.0-beta.7
January 16, 2019Forum upgraded v0.1.0-beta.8
April 30, 2019Styling changes: Tables, banner hidden, centered headers
July 9, 2019SEO optimizations made
July 25, 2019Mobile focused CSS changes; internal / external URL coloring
July 26, 2019upgrade to 0.1.0-beta.9
July 27, 2019Tutorial added; Donations added
Sept 24, 2019Upgrade to Version 0.1.0-beta.10
December 2 2019Upgrade to Version 0.1.0-beta.11

Requests πŸ”—

Issues πŸ”—

HTTP Redirects πŸ”—

Http Access Buggy

Seems site looks buggy for people that tries open non https version from Firefox and Chromium.

Just tested on several difference Linux distribution with FF 64 and Chromium 78.

For me most of all discussion are empty with error message: "Smth is wrong"

Can’t Login on PC Browsers - β€œOops! Something went wrong.”

Sorry if this has been reported before, but I get an error message anytime I try to log into this forum on a PC. Every time I try on the Log In pop up, a little red banner comes down saying:

”Oops! Something went wrong. Please reload the page and try again.”

This occurs whether I type the correct …

Resolution πŸ”—

Http Access Buggy

kammerer The original solution only applied to the root url (http://ledstrain.org/)
Took me awhile, but things should be improved. The exceptions are www urls with a link to a discussion.

for url in "http://ledstrain.org" \
  "http://ledstrain.org/d/404" \
  "http://www.ledstrain.org/" \ …

You do not have permission to do that πŸ”—

"You do not have permission to do that" error when mentioning another user


After I typed the above mention an HTTP GET request is made to this url: https://ledstrain.org/api/users?filter%5Bq%5D=slacor%20%0A%0A&page%5Blimit%5D=5, which returns 403, and is the cause of the error.

Resolution πŸ”—

"You do not have permission to do that" error when mentioning another user

I cleared cache.
Logout / Login

I couldn't replicate on a test account

Forum Tutorial πŸ”—

LEDStrain Forum takes on a minimalist approach to posting. However, there are some tools available to creating your posts, available in a toolbar.

Text Editor GUI

PreviewReturns view back to post while editingπŸ‘οΈ
AttachAttaches image to post by uploading through imgurπŸ“„
HeaderInputs headerH
BoldSets selected text to boldB
ItalicSets selected text to italicI
QuoteQuote the selected text

Quote selected text

CodeSets the selected text in code format for easier reading / copying

Sets code format

LinkSet a clickable link. Works on images as wellπŸ”—
ListAdds a unordered list with bullet points

Create a unordered list

ListAdds a ordered list with numbers

Create a ordered list

EmojiInsert Twemoji based emoji

Insert Twemoji emoji

MentionMention a user or post. If set, will notify the user@

Creating a post πŸ”—

Headers of h1, h2, and h3 are centered

# Header 1
## Header 2
### Header 3

Tables can be created. The second row, |:-|:-:| indicates the justification. Left-aligned: |:-|, Centered: |:-:|, Right-Aligned: |-:|


Lines can be created to help separate a post with either 3 underscores or 3 dashes.


Inline links [can be created](https://ledstrain.org) to look cleaner
Inline links can be created to look cleaner
Images as well

[![Image inline link](https://i.imgur.com/lulyQtW.jpg)](https://ledstrain.org)

Image inline link

[![Internal Link](https://i.imgur.com/lulyQtW.jpg)](https://ledstrain.org) [![External link](https://i.imgur.com/lulyQtW.jpg)](https://anothersite.com)

Internal Link

External Link

Links are colored either green or purple.
A local link
A external link

  • Green indicate the link is internal and points somewhere within ledstrain.org
  • Purple indicate the link is external and points out to the web

Touchscreen users will have a boundary around linked images to indicate this as well

Image Boundary

Moderating πŸ”—

We’re here to help
If there’s spam, or if you wish to split a discussion to a new thread let us know by flagging the post.
We can also help with adjusting tags or renaming discussions

Flag Icon

Demo Creating Report

Private Messaging πŸ”—

project chat

Messaging and Private Messaging is provided by Zulip Chat

New Chat

Hey everyone,

project chat

If you're interested in chat, it is now available at ledstrain.zulipchat.com
It is similar to this forum with tags and discussion titles, like email lists and subjects. Here's some comparisons:

TagStreamCategory of topic, such as hardware
Discussion TitleTopicThe focus of the thread, such as In-car screens
Private DiscussionPrivate MessagePrivate messaging, in realtime

The current streams are:

  • awareness
  • general
  • hardware
  • trade

Note: This chat is to replace the prior unused chat
Some new features

  • Commercially hosted through zulip's open community plan
  • Full search history
  • Custom linkifier. eg d/722 will link to this discussion.
  • Message edited history
  • Conversation permalinks -> general / new chat
  • Full markdown support (like this forum)
  • Other features

Private Messaging Transistion

Hey everyone,
The forums private discussions are going to be phased out soon.
On September 1st, they'll be deprecated where you will be able to respond to existing private discussions but not create new ones.

To replace it, the new chat is available.

  • It's asynchronous, you don't need to be online …

Community Guidelines πŸ”—

Posting πŸ”—

Write a clear title. Try make a summary of your discussion so others know what they will be reading and discussing. No post signatures

Conduct πŸ”—

The following forms of behavior will not be tolerated:

  • Messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, hostile or insulting.
  • Personal attacks on others.
  • Non-Constructive feedback and support
  • Spam, phishing posts, and any actions intended to deface this site
  • Attempts to abuse or expose the private information of others
  • Posts intended to harass, impersonate, or defame others
Your discussion may be moved to a more appropriate tag at a moderator’s discretion.

Commercial πŸ”—

To help improve awareness and access to this issue, a minimal commercial presence is allowed.
Any commercial presence must be through a personal account representing a company.
For example, a username LEDstrain is not permitted, however a username Slacor representing LEDstrain is.
Each commercial interest may have one discussion for their product

Medical πŸ”—

Due to the nature of the forum advice may be given related to improving or managing your health
Discretion is upon the user to critically evaluate all information posted on the forum
For your safety, consult with your doctor before taking any supplements or medication.

Logging in / Troubleshooting πŸ”—

If you’re having difficulty logging in, unable to post or other issues, reach out for help here

Alternatively, support can be reached here:

This is a non-reply email
We may reach out to you with a different email