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June 13, 2017Wiki | Jekyll static site [Deprecated]; Github repo created
November 20, 2018Wiki [Deprecated]
December 27 2019Introduce Community Wiki, Github based

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Contributing 🔗

Contributing is easy!
Menu’s and Table of Content’s are generated automatically

There are three ways,

  • Using a front-end editor (similar to WordPress)
  • Directly editing on GitHub
  • Cloning the repo and making pull requests

Editing 🔗

Front End 🔗

Go to https://wiki.ledstrain.org/contribute and login with GitHub.
Note: be sure to set the status to In Review after saving. This causes a change request to be made.

Direct GitHub Edit 🔗

Edit Icon

At the top and bottom of every page you can click on the edit icon to edit that page This will bring you to the source file on GitHub and you can make your changes there.

Clone Repo 🔗

You will need:

  • Hugo Extended 0.64.1 - link
  • Git

Clone the repo and its submodules, then start the hugo server.

git clone --recurse-submodules https://github.com/ledstrain/wiki.ledstrain.org                           
cd wiki.ledstrain.org                                                           
hugo serve -wD

Linking 🔗

This site has smart internal linking.
For example, tests#dithering will link to /docs/appendix/tests#dithering

Sometimes, the directory structure will change to better reflect the content it holds.
As long as linking uses the format of pagename#section internal urls will always work!

Additionally, internal linking is tested, to prevent urls from becoming broken if structure is changed.

How to format content 🔗

For a introductory guide, see here
Advanced formatting .

Additionally, this site supports shortcodes.

Shortcodes 🔗

Forum Post Embed 🔗

Posts on LEDStrain Forum can be embedded. Posts are cached, so changes to the original will be updated over time.
Either format can be used to identify which post:

  • Post ID: 11714
  • Permalink: https://ledstrain.org/d/795-community-wiki/1

Length can be specififed to truncate content. 300 is the default.
length of -1 will show the entire post, regardless of length.

A domain can be specified, which can allow embedding content from other flarum based forums. This is primarily useful with using Post ID.

Positional arguments can be used, but cannot be combined with labeled arguments
For example, this will work: {{< forum-post 11714 >}}
This will not: {{< forum-post 11714 length=300 >}}
{{< forum-post 11714  >}}
{{< forum-post id=11714 domain="https://ledstrain.org" length="300"  >}}
{{< forum-post id=11714 length="-1"  >}}
{{< forum-post "https://ledstrain.org/d/795-community-wiki/1"  >}}
Community Wiki

Hey everyone!

A new wiki is now available for use 🗒️
Actions Status

How to contribute?

If you have information you have collected, I definitely encourage contributing, as it will be organized, searchable, and available to be updated by anyone over time.


Extra shortcodes

(source )

Hint 🔗

Hint shortcode can be used as hint/alerts/notification block. There are 3 colors to choose: info, warning and danger.

{{< hint [info|warning|danger] >}}
**Markdown content**  
Lorem markdownum insigne. Olympo signis Delphis! Retexi Nereius nova develat
stringit, frustra Saturnius uteroque inter! Oculis non ritibus Telethusa
{{< /hint >}}

Buttons 🔗

Buttons are styled links to internal of external pages

{{< button relref="/" >}}Get Home{{< /button >}}
{{< button href="https://github.com/alex-shpak/hugo-book" >}}Contribute{{< /button >}}

Tabs 🔗

Useful if you want to show alternative information per platform or setting.

{{< tabs "uniqueid" >}}
{{< tab "MacOS" >}} # MacOS Content {{< /tab >}}
{{< tab "Linux" >}} # Linux Content {{< /tab >}}
{{< tab "Windows" >}} # Windows Content {{< /tab >}}
{{< /tabs >}}

Multi column text 🔗

Organize text in 2 or more columns to use space efficiently.

{{< columns >}} <!-- begin columns block -->
# Left Content Lorem markdownum insigne...

<---> <!-- magic sparator, between columns -->

# Mid Content Lorem markdownum insigne...

<---> <!-- magic sparator, between columns -->

# Right Content Lorem markdownum insigne...
{{< /columns >}}

Expand 🔗

Provides clickable panel that show extra hidden content.

{{< expand >}}
## Markdown content
{{< /expand >}}