Dithering #

I have bought a capture card

So the card arrived today, and I've spent the afternoon experimenting. Fortunately, getting it work wasn't too hard. The results so far are largely what I expected. For testing, I captured a second of uncompressed 8-bit quicktime uncompressed YUV using BlackMagic's software, of which five consecutive frames were analysed. The video was of the windows 10 desktop with default W10 wallpaper. The program I wrote tests only for temporal dithering, I will make something for spatial dithering but that's a slightly trickier task.

Initial results:

intel integrated graphicsi5 6400DisplayPort (DP)Ditherig set to 'No Dithering'No temportal dithering detected
intel integrated graphicsi5 6400DPDitherig set to 'Spatial (default)'No temportal dithering detected
intel integrated graphicsi5 6400DPDitherig set to 'Spatial Temporal 1'Temporal dithering detected
GT210not sure which driversHDMITemporal Dithering Detected
GTX 1060latest driversHDMITemporal Dithering Detected
GTX660driver: 388.13DPTemporal dithering detected
GT720Driver 341.74HDMITemporal Dithering Detected
AMD firepro W700latest driversTemporal dithering detected

I am somewhat confident these results are right, I was surprised that ditherig/intel actually worked as I've had discomfort using a setup like this - but the results match ditherig's settings. Also no surprise that the 1060 dithered.

There's quite a lot of things for me to test: Different ports/computers, recording text, different software, cards and operating systems. Will keep you all updated.

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