Desktop Monitor

Desktop Monitor

Dell U2410 #

  • MagnuM : “The Dell U2410 has been my savior for a long time now.”
Monitor Buying Guide 2018

I might try the Dell U2410 too if I can get one. It has FRC but it's 8+FRC bits.

My work computer monitor is a Dell P2414H driven by an Nvidia Geforce GT220. I think it's a VA panel with 6+2 bit FRC. It's okay, but not great. I get between 2 and 4 hours out of it before the headaches and …

Dell 2408WPF #

  • deepflame : “Works very well for me. Best used with DisplayPort”.

Dell 2009WT #

  • SAH : “It’s really nice”.

Dell 2209WA #

  • SAH : “it doesn’t trigger awful symptoms such as brain fog or photophobia”.

Dell S2421HGF #

  • ensete : “Minimal symptoms […]; It has been a true lifesaver”

Samsung S27A850D #

  • Oshim : “I have to say this monitor is AMAZING aaand I am STILL using it to this day! No eye strain since 2012! No PWM, no shimmering, no gimmicks - just an outstanding quality sRGB PLS panel with great accurate colors and sturdy build quality.”

LG 32gk850g #

  • f3likx : “This… has finally solved it. The bags under my eyes are significantly reduced after only a week, and my eyes are very obviously less red (at all). I still wear anti-blue glasses but I don’t use the anti-blue modes on the monitor. I can stare at it for 12 hours without discomfort.