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  • šŸ›‘ threepeeo on reddit found PWM at all brightness levels (appears to be 230 Hz)
  • šŸ›‘ Sunspark got eyestrain
  • šŸ›‘ Olgomar found PWM at all brightness levels
  • āœ… CCitrine : “No eyestrain at all”


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For the last few months I have been delving myself in android root and custom ROM scene, from learning the basics to tinkering with kernels settings to find a solution or a combination of software/ROM/driver/kernel that would allow me to use a new smartphone without eye strain.

I get eye strain ā€¦

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PWM + No PWM at brightness 27% and above. Exact value is 68/255 and above.

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AGI No PWM at brightness 27% and above. Exact value is 68/255 and above.

Homemade oscilloscope to detect PWM DIY guide

OnePlus 3 at brightness 65/255:
It looks like terrible PWM, but (on custom ROMs) it's actually the first brightness step of the PWM-free range. What looks like high differences in amplitudes in reality is pretty flat. The sound card oscilloscope may not be able to show the full voltage range ā€¦

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Reporting back about the OnePlus 3. I think in theory it would be usable if it didn't have PWM and dithering. I believe PWM kicks in at 25% (tested with iPad camera, which shows running lines). Above that, the screen still flickers in a way. But it seems to be not a total "lights off". It's more ā€¦

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Now that I've been using the OnePlus 3 for over a month since my last post here, I feel safe to recommend it. I can't promise it will help you but it helped me so I think it's worth a try. I think Samsung is the only display supplier so issues like "different displays, different eye strain" probably ā€¦

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I have now Oneplus 3T (Oxygen 4.0.3) since last Wednesday it's fast and great phone but I will return it.
3T is way better then any iPhone and it seems to be like LG G2 without bluelight filter, but even with my filter which work wit my LG G2 - 3T is making eye strain. Maybe in log therm it should ā€¦

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After testing Oneplus 3t for 2 days I could say it is unusable for me. I tried all of the settings suggested by KM, but they didn't help. It is much much better than iPhone, but still gives me blurry vision. Going to return it and find another one. The next one to check - Samsung S8. We do have ā€¦

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I recently got a OnePlus X. While the PWM of its AMOLED screen is pretty bad for my eyes, PWM turns off at brightness 81/255 and above, making the device perfectly usable. High brightness is not an issue. Even LineageOS (Android 7.1.2) is usable.

And on my OnePlus 3 I discovered that Paranoid ā€¦

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So OnePlus X gives me terrible headache and eye strain (worse than Oneplus ONE with IPS screen). I installed original Android 5.1.1, Twilight app, set brightness to 100% and dimmed the display with the app. The specifications of the phone are the same as on Lumia 930, so I assume there is something ā€¦

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Nokia 6 gave me eye strain after 30 mins of use. I found Nokia 5 much more pleasing to my eyes, but i had not been able to use it more than 15 mins.

Also for the forum, i tested Sony Xperia X for a couple of days. The eye strain and headache was so intense that i could not sleep well at ā€¦

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randomboolean I also got problem with Nokia. Just bought nokia 8, everything seems fine for first few days, but it gradually getting worst. I just realise the screen way too bluish bright than other phone. It hurts my eyes even when dimmed. I use blue light filter apk, but it doesn't help. I think I ā€¦

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I use a Samsung Galaxy S2. I have no issues with it. Although I keep it at full brightness and use a dimmer to turn the brightness down. I play games on it and watch movies and use the internet with no issues. I wanted to buy a phone that Laptopmedia had reviewed but now you guys have me worried ā€¦

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Jimmyww Iā€™m using a Samsung galaxy S3 with android 4.3 which I know is LED backlit but Iā€™m fine with it (which is weird), however as a test I took the phone apart and put my screen on a S3 with android 4.4.4 I could feel straight away that it was giving me a headache. This makes me think that ā€¦

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I use a Samsung S5. Android has color management coming in O. To me that meams installing color profiles similar to icc on desktop but on mobile. I have really never had too much problem with any version software on my phone. It has an amoled display. only when looking at it while in front of my ā€¦

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I'm currently working on pwm free custom kernel for the S7 Edge, details can be found on XDA:

The most noticeable issue is a little screen deterioration on very low brightness (desaturation and visible grey "freckles" ā€¦

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Wootever Man, you're genious - this really works =)

The last usable OLED phones from Samsung (for me) were Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus and Note 2. Those weren't causing any discomfort and I was able to look at those displays for 4 hours straight without problems.

Discomfort and eye strain started with ā€¦

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For the last few months I have been delving myself in android root and custom ROM scene, from learning the basics to tinkering with kernels settings to find a solution or a combination of software/ROM/driver/kernel that would allow me to use a new smartphone without eye strain.

I get eye strain ā€¦

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An s8 is arriving Monday. Has 250hz flickering up until 90 percent. I regret ordering it now.

The frequency of 250 Hz is relatively low, so sensitive users will likely notice flickering and experience eyestrain at the stated brightness setting and below.

In comparison: 59 % of ā€¦

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PuffyCloud you are correct. Feel very fortunate after reading how affected ppl are by the pwm. I may occasionally feel it in the prefrontal cortex area (I'm guessing) behind the upper middle part of my forehead. By flipping through screens swifly.

I am on my s8 now and it's a okay experience the ā€¦

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Great ! Earlier I wrote about the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) which didn't heart my eyes. After the Android April security patch the eye strain returned. How is this even possible ? Hopefully i can find a way to downgrade.

Phone software details (without eye strain)

phone software details (with eye ā€¦

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I recently used a flicker meter to compare an iPhone 4s which is of the "usable" kind and an iPhone 4 which gives me symptoms of eye strain in just a few seconds.
The good 4s barely touches 1% ripple flicker. It is below 1%. The bad 4 is somewhere between 1% and 3%.
It might be coincidence at this ā€¦

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I can't tolerate my iPhone 6s anymore. I have made good progress in my eye health by avoiding problematic screens, and the iPhone 6s is the worst screen I own, giving strain within a few seconds. Now I only use it to answer phone calls. No texts or emails. It's a big problem. Is the OnePlus 3 my ā€¦

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On my iPhone 6s I have always used lowest brightness and when Night Shift became available I enabled that 24/7 and at it's warmest setting. There was an option in accessibility to 'Reduce White Point' but the effect was so insignificant as to make little difference.

The display was still way too ā€¦

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Guys n gals am sad to say that the latest 2 software updates to iPhone 7 n ipad have ruined it for me. All was well and they have done something that now gives me insta-headaches on iPhone 7 and delayed headaches on iPad 2017. It's something to do with the GPU driver am quite certain. On the same ā€¦

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I spent some time with my girlfriend's iPhone 7+ this weekend. It's really nice, eyestrain is slow to develop on it. She has a tempered glass screen protector. It doesn't have instant-eyestrain like the 6 did. I'm going to see if I can play with it for a longer period and maybe put one of those ā€¦

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I have recently spent some time with my girlfriend's iPhone 7+ (the big one) and found it quite nice. She keeps it too bright, but I turned it down a little and was able to use it without issue (this is huge!) so Apple has clearly done something.

I always found the iPhone 6+ to be better than the ā€¦

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I'm doing well with the iPhone 7 Plus. Much better than the iPhone 6s. I can dial, send and read text, check email, all the basic smartphone duties essentially, without any problem. I don't want to push it and start spending extended time on it when I'll just use my PC, as I suspect it would give me ā€¦

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I can't recommend the iPhone 7 Plus or 8 Plus anymore. Even with the screen protector on there is a tightening of the muscles on the eyes that creeps up on you. I actually got a false sense of security with it and overused and now I'm just waiting for my eyes to relax again. Did well for a couple of ā€¦

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I played with the Iphone XS on the store. I made this video, with XS:

You can see the led's effect. The first phone being recorded is the Sony XZ 2, the second is the Iphone XS MƔx. I dont know what it means, or if it is relevant.

Here's the video. One reason i dont like iOS is that you cant share ā€¦

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