Gradient banding issue #

Trouble with Windows 10, any solutions?

I found this link from some months ago where Windows 10 had a bug that caused all monitors and graphics card to have strong banding on gradients:

I think this is further proof that they are doing …

ClearType font rendeing #

Cleartype is a feature in Windows Vista and later that attempts to smooth on-screen fonts using RGB based antialiasing. However because of this it is possible to see blurriness in the rendered fonts and color fringing on the edges of on-screen text, which can cause eyestrain in more sensitive users.

Graphical rendering changes #

In build 1607 (July 2016) of Windows 10, some changes were introduced that negatively impacts on-screen rendering and are strongly suspected of causing eyestrain that is not present with older Windows builds on the same hardware. The objective cause and implications of these changes are unknown but some changes in window manager composition have been suspected as a culprit.

Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

Ok so I spent a little time poring over the Windows 10 Anniversary changelog, and I couldn't find ANYTHING that would indicate what they screwed up with window composition... until I read the upcoming Content Creator Update brag list. That one indicated that "The Content Creator Update builds on "Composition Namespaces Introduced in Windows 10 …

The only known solution (if affected) is to refrain using such a newer build of Windows 10. Build 1511 (November 2015) is believed to be unaffected.